About Dan Boaz

Dan Boaz is an executive leader and entrepreneur with a strong portfolio of success. He has been in the transportation industry since 1985. He began as a driver at UPS from 1989 to 1993. He worked his way through to management as an industrial engineer. Dan realized that there would be failures along the way in order to achieve success.

In 1997, Dan Boaz took that leap and founded Vital Express. Energy, experience and enthusiasm fueled Vital Dan BoazExpress’s growth from a start-up to a multi-million dollar enterprise. Dan’s strong work ethic and integrity have earned him a number of awards and commendations.

Dan Boaz’s pursuit of excellence has led him to the most formidable forward-thinking venture of his career. He has taken the next great hurdle by founding Airfreignt.com. Airfreight.com offers elite freight services in a best-in-class segment of the expedited transportation industry.

Airfreight is a global provider of high quality freight services in the expedited transportation industry. Their services include: Air Cargo,Air Freight, Air Charter, Expedited Ground Transport and Just in Time Delivery for the Time Critical Shipping Business.

Dan’s strategy overall is based on staying with market transitions that are taking place with the next generation of transportation customers that are constantly evolving from the internet. His mission is to continue to reinvent the way people do business with transportation providers and to shape the future of the freight industry. Creating a whole new way of doing business through the internet will generate unprecedented business opportunities in the field of transporting goods.

Dan Boaz has a variety of different brands under his leadership:

-Air Freight

-Expedited Freight

-Full Truck Load

-Hot Shot Trucking

-Same Day Delivery

These businesses have earned many awards such as “Business of the Year” by Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce, Certificates of recognition from Senator Tom McClintock, Senator William J, “Pete” Knight, and California State Assembly member Keith Richman of the 38th Assembly District.
In Dan’s free time he volunteers as a firefighter in the lake Norman Fire Department.


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